Create technology for farmers to produce more food and better food.
This is AEGRO’s mission, and that is why we are creating the best farm management software for the agricultural production system. Our tools make it easy to plan and control crops, prevent waste, increase productivity and optimize results. Today we are changing the way farmers and agronomists deal with their production data.


Our customers are saving time planning their crops, recording precisely the farming activities, storing safely their production history and accessing all information from anywhere and from any device.
Founded in 2014, the AEGRO has more than 50 registered properties. This means that more than 60,000 hectares are already being efficiently managed in a modern and integrated software platform – without bureaucracy.


Located in the Entrepreneurship Center in Computer Science of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, the AEGRO is composed by a team of excellence formed by Valmir Gaedke Menezes, Pedro Martins Dusso, Paulo Vitor Silvestrin, Francisco de Borja Gerdau and Thomas of Silva Rodrigues.