How does AEGRO work?

AEGRO is a farm management software to plan crops, control costs and get everyone working together.

Plan and control your crops

Log your activities

Work with your team

Manage costs and budgets
Produce More
AEGRO goes far beyond spreadsheets. Acess all your information from anywhere and from any device.
  • Save time planning your crops
  • Record precisely the farming activities
  • Store safely your production history

Spend less
Monitore you costs during the crop season with no hassle. With AEGRO you can project your costs, your yield and your profit margin to go above the break even point.
  • Record fixed and variable expenses and centralize production costs in one place
  • Compare the planned costs against the actual costs quickly and anticipate price changes
  • Quickly respond to changes during the season: anticipate an application or do it by plane?
Work Together
With the AEGRO, your team works seamlessly together. Track the progress of all activities even outside the farm.
  • Stay updated on everything that happens on your farm
  • Set a profile for each of your employees
  • Spend less time looking for data and more time using information

See how AEGRO can help your farm

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